The vision of yoga ancient technique presented in the modern world in an alternate way was created in Ira Noor’s mind and her will to share her perennial knowledge and experience in yoga, accompanied with her strong belief about the benefits of this practice, gave birth to the idea and finally the foundation of Cinta company.

ira noor


Jakarta and the year 1999 were the place and time for Ira Noor to introduce herself to yoga. While commuting between Jakarta and Singapore, she practiced yoga with her first teacher from Israel and gradually, with the continuous contact and the awareness of yoga impact to mind and body, Ira was addicted to it.

During her staying in Hong Kong, she decided to invest in mastering the practice of yoga with the guidance of her teachers and mentors Patrick Creelman and Rinat Pearlman from PURE Yoga Hong Kong. This was the period that led Ira to Alignment Yoga and formed her perspective and approach. She joined the Teachers Training with Patrick Creelman and Rinat Pearlman and participated in various yoga retreats and intensive practices in the Himalayas, Tibet and Morocco.

With studies in Teachers Foundation and Advanced Teachers Training combined with Workshops in various type of yoga Ashtanga, Wheel and Synchronised Vinyasa flow, a mentality that wholefully emits the benefits of yoga, Ira reveals a way to find power, balance and inner peace in the hustle bustle of the modern world.

our philosophy

The philosophy of Cinta responds to the reasonable question “why”. The answer lies in the need and desire of being simultaneously strong and calm and maintain conscious through the effort and exercise that evolves naturally. To continue and acknowledge the reason, to nourish and embrace the change to come, to understand that through a harder and stronger form of exercise and self-concentration we achieve the maximum result and we benefit the relaxation afterwards.


about yoga


The emphasis today on health and wellness makes yoga the ideal physical activity to improve the physical condition and build the mental aspect to resolve the facts of daily stress. Additionally, the need for balance, harmony, mindful empowerment and holistic improvement meet in the philosophy and practice of yoga. As the individual proceeds deeper and deeper, understands the change that comes, realizes that mind, body and spirit are interconnected and that through their alignment reaches the desirable evolution.

The core of yoga has been formed through asanas and pranayamas. Asanas (postures or poses) help condition your body and focuses on the mind by teaching you to concentrate on specific parts of the body. This awareness keeps the mind-body connection sharp and doesn’t allow a lot of time for external chatter. The focus is internal, and with the use of controlled breathing(pranayamas), that focalizes in the energy flow, the merge of mind, body and spirit is achieved. Yoga helps in understanding and embracing the limits but at the same time assists you going beyond them, exploring other levels of both mind and body that tunes in with the soul so that all three blend into one hence and create a better version of you. A form of exercise that is shaped as the individual shapes its mindset and includes all those who have the will to give a chance to self-improvement.