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The flexible structure of harmony

The key to Alignment is harmony in the posture beyond the physical expression. With the practice of asanas and the repetition the muscles become more intelligent. The opening of the chest leads to the opening of the heart and the understanding of the technique through the anatomy. Alignment intends to a safe practice, by getting into a correct posture with a deeper knowledge of which body key muscles to adjust. The use of props is encouraged as it will lead the body to open in new ways, while minimizing the risk of injury. The awareness of the body is cultivated through the exercise and the experience and it happens naturally, as we start to hear it. “It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind” B.K.S Iyengar.

vinyasa yoga

The expression of power and flow

Vinyasa yoga is a more dynamic form of yoga based mainly on the synchronization of breathing and a flow of movement and that can be done with a background music. Thanks to the continuous moves, you manage to activate your prana energy through the sequences of the asanas and consistent breathing while at the same time you work all your muscle groups. This way you achieve an inner peace and it will also help you in flexibility, burning of fat and getting more effectively into shape.

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hatha yoga

Yoga classes

A state of force

Hatha yoga means power, energy, action. This practice follows a system of breaths and focus in each posture by holding it longer. In Hatha the exercise of postures, the controlled breathing, the self-control, the self-concentration, the meditation, the isolation of senses and the union with our inner self are parts of internal knowledge and growth. It addresses to everyone, with no limitation in age and physical condition, as it offers solution to many problems such as musculoskeletal, breathing, sleeping e.t.c. It is considered as the yoga of health for its mental and physical benefits and all kinds of yoga are based in Hatha.

Yoga classes



Yoga classes