The vision of yoga ancient technique presented in the modern world in an alternate way was created in Ira Noor’s mind and her will to share her perennial knowledge and experience in yoga, accompanied with her strong belief about the benefits of this practice, gave birth to the idea and finally the foundation of Cinta company.

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Vinyasa yoga is a more dynamic form of yoga based mainly on the synchronization of breathing and a flow of movement and that can be done with a background music. Thanks to the continuous moves, you manage to activate your prana energy through the sequences of the asanas and consistent breathing while at the same time you work all your muscle groups.


Hatha yoga means power, energy, action. This practice follows a system of breaths and focus in each posture by holding it longer. In Hatha the exercise of postures, the controlled breathing, the self-control, the self-concentration, the meditation, the isolation of senses and the union with our inner self are parts of internal knowledge and growth.


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The emphasis today on health and wellness makes yoga the ideal physical activity to improve the physical condition and build the mental aspect to resolve the facts of daily stress. Additionally, the need for balance, harmony, mindful empowerment and holistic improvement meet in the philosophy and practice of yoga.